Where to buy FAST & FURIOUS Koolart BABY BIB (Personalised and choice of ribbing colour FREE)1686

  • BABY BIB (Choice of ribbing), with printed koolart image
  • VEHICLE in ANY COLOUR (scroll down for instructions)
  • White edge as standard, PINK or BLUE also available Email Seller)

A lovely BABY BIB with CHOICE OF RIBBING, blue, pink or white(White sent as standard) EMAIL SELLER WITH DESIRED COLOUR OF RIBBING after purchasing

A high quality product from the leading Koolart dealer on Amazon, this SOFT FEEL MATERIAL is technically made of finely woven polyester.

change the colour? Just EMAIL the seller after the sale, add a name/message?? just EMAIL the seller after the purchase.

All the images you see on this site are copyrighted and owned 100% by Koolart Limited and/or by koolart/The Lazy cow. None of the images on this site are endorsed by any such motor manufacturer and Koolart nor The Lazy Cow/koolart do not portray thier giftware to be endorsed by any such manufacturer

Please note:the image shown is for illustration purposes only, the actual image used is printed to the product and may vary slightly from the actual product sent,

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